To Cologne, or Not to Cologne…

I was given a bottle of this 25+ years ago. I threw it away during the move because it had lost all it's smell. It MIGHT have had one spray used out of the bottle. Was it a mistake to let it go to waste?

I was given a bottle of this 15 or so years ago. I threw it away during the move because it had lost all it’s smell. It MIGHT have had one spray used out of the bottle. Was it a mistake to let it go to waste?

Traditionally, I have never worn cologne. It just isn’t my style. But recently I was recalling a woman I dated many years ago who begged me to wear cologne as she loved it. If all women were like her I would bath in it every day.

However, apparently not all women love cologne. While on a first date the other evening my date was complaining of the quality of men she was meeting online. She described them as cheesy cologne wearers. Yikes! I was so glad I happened to not be wearing any at that moment!

This brings up our Question Du Jour: To cologne, or not to cologne, that is the question…

To get the conversation started I solicited the opinions of a couple of my “advisors”, who share their contrasting pro and con points of view on the subject.


All women are different so I won’t say it’s a sure thing, but it will be a hit with most women. Not all women are turned on by smell. However, my experience tells me that if a woman is sexual, she usually likes a man that smells good and that cologne will do it. If they don’t like it, they are probably a stuck up prude and you wouldn’t enjoy fucking them anyway.


I like a guy to smell nice (soap, shampoo, fabric softener) but cologne is one of those things that can be polarizing. On one hand if a woman likes it she may compliment you on it. On the other hand, if she doesn’t like it she may want to get away as fast as possible. You should go without it I think. No girl ever said, “I’m not going out with that guy again! He wasn’t wearing cologne!” 😉

What say you blogosphere friends? Cologne? Or Not to Cologne?

7 thoughts on “To Cologne, or Not to Cologne…

  1. As a woman….I LOVE a man that wears cologne, so I say do it! Howeverrrrrr, I can’t stand a man that wears too much cologne. So I think it’s about find the right amount of cologne to wear.

  2. I also LOVE aftershave…it’s one of the sexiest things. Dsantos is quite right – it’s a question of amount. A splash around the neck is enough. Don’t drown in it. But it is phenomenally sexy. It does things to me, but then again I’m just one girl! The smell of clean, warm man is also lovely, but in a different way.

  3. It’s about the right amount, and the right fragrance.
    There’s a huge difference between emitting the occasional waft of vanilla with woody undertones, and assaulting the senses with the smell of a possum in your pocket with a weak bladder.
    Personally, I can’t leave the house without it, and have 14 different types to wear, depending on the weather, my plans, and of course, mood.

  4. I smelled this man in the grocery store not so long ago sporting extreme cologne. When I looked to see where the awful smell was coming from, I saw a grey man-perm, high waisted jeans, and a fake tan and leather jacket. He was checking out the taco kits, and for whatever reason, I kinda felt sorry for him. I think it is risky territory. In order to make it work for you it has to be the right (very small) amount, the right scent, and the right circumstances. It’s true, no one would ever say I’m not dating him because he doesn’t wear cologne, no one worth while anyways, but yet it can be a big turn on if it is the right guy and just the right scent/hint, maybe save it for a later date when you know she is into you? How would you compare it to your reaction to a woman that wears perfume?

  5. In general, I don’t wear it myself. If you don’t know what the woman likes, picking out a fragrance can be a crap-shoot. My sense of smell is the weakest of my senses, so I’m always worried if I’m putting on too much, let alone a good-smelling one. But once you know the person, an occasional splash of a fragrance she likes may go a long way.

  6. So long as it’s applied with discretion, I love cologne. If I can smell it from a distance? No thanks. But if I inhale the aroma as I lean in for a hug? Meow!

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