The Coffee Pot Melt Down

Today’s Bitch Session is about a coffee pot of all things. I’ve already complained about my lowball glasses, so why not add my coffee pot to the list?

Let me share this disclaimer as well; As I type we are still a week out from moving. i.e., I am typing this before the “escape purgatory” date. This will not post until mid December however.

There is moving and then there is MOVING. We are doing the easy kind of move. We’ve done the hard kind before; moved hundreds of miles away. The timing and logistics of the FROM and TO didn’t work out, so we had to deal with temporary storage and temporary housing and all that. That kind of move is terrible. I mean, all moves sucks, but the hard kind of move REALLY sucks.

The move we are doing now should be easy. We are moving 10 miles away, and we don’t have to be out of the FROM house until 5 days after we arrive at the TO houses (plural because we are separating). As moves go this should be easy. 5 days of overlap? That is plenty of time!

Anyone who has had to move knows what a blessing it is to not have to leave the old house until you have plenty of time to get in to the new. This is what I am calling overlap: the time when you own both houses and can move things at your leisure. The 5 days of overlap, in this case, isn’t coincidence either. I’ve worked hard to make sure we don’t have to do the hard kind of move during the school year. The 5 days of overlap is totally by design. It SHOULD be easy.

Considering all this wonderful overlap time, why, as we are a week away from starting to move, was my favorite coffee pot missing this morning?

I just don’t understand. I still have to function at work this week. Why is she already packing up stuff that we use on a daily basis? –Like coffee pots, lamps, glasses, cookware, etc?

What is she going to pack next? Toilet paper? Toothbrushes?

She has made me move my clothes to the other end of the house! I am putting on my socks in one room and walking to the other end of the house to get my shoes. WTF!?

When you are moving 10 miles away, and have 5 days where you own both houses, why not wait until you are ready to move the coffee pot? Unplug it, put it in your passenger seat, drive to new house and plug it in there. What is wrong with that plan? Then nobody has to go without coffee. I don’t get it. She has packed the coffee pot up, and moved the fucking thing to her parent’s house. It is sitting in a box at her parent’s house. What good does that do us?

The only reason I can think is that this is some psychology passive aggressive bullshit.

I am grumpy without my coffee. It is going to be a long week. I gotta get this move over before I lose it.

We’ve come so far and are handling everything so amicably. Wouldn’t that be something if a damn coffee pot make the whole thing fall apart?

It could happen. Lack of morning coffee is adding crazy level of tension to an already tense situation.

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