Trekker vs Trekkie

Daniel Craig: Star Trek fan

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This post is in response to a young lady who asked to be educated on the difference between a “Trekker” and a “Trekkie”. If you are not a science fiction fan and have, for example, been known to confuse Star Wars and Star Trek, then this post might be TMI for you. If you move along away from here I completely understand.

However, for those of you who recognize that we live in a different world now, a world where where nerds are actually kind of cool, and you want to learn how to relate to this new bread of cool nerd, then this article might be for you. I will attempt, in non-technobable language, to succinctly explain the difference between a “Trekker” and a “Trekkie”.

Enter at your own risk. You are now entering the mysterious world of world of geekdom.


First, let me take a moment to explain why you should care about this topic. As my fellow blogger eloquently stated in her original post entitled Dating a Star Trek Geek, some Star Trek geek men are worth dating. For example, for you gold digger types, billionaire Paul Allen is such a huge Star Trek fan that he had the captain’s chair from the original series (TOS) put in his yacht!  If you prefer pure hotness, Daniel Craig is another Star Trek fan. Ladies, how dumb would you feel if you blew a conversation with Daniel Craig by not knowing the difference between Trekkie and Trekker?

Men, do you know what goes on at these Star Trek conventions? True Story: Around the year 2000, a bunch of geek IT people invited me to join them at a Star Trek convention. I said “yea right” sarcastically.  Monday rolls around and the office the coffee pot topic of the day was ALL THE WOMEN MAKING OUT WITH EACH OTHER at the convension. WTF!?? Why did I miss that!? Not just any women—these are the IT women I worked with that looked at the floor when I passed them in the hall. Not some out of reach goddesses–but these are my actual coworkers! I saw photographic evidence, and believe me, they are not images that easily leave my mind. Yes, this stuff ACTUALLY HAPPENS. So men, if you want to find a true diamond in the rough–one that understands your need for X-box and will actually consider blessing you with a threesome–you had better not disregard the critical importance of Star Trek jargon. Because if you confuse a Romulan with a Vulcan, then it is game over for you man. She will be moving on to someone who hasn’t been living under a Star Trek rock.


Star Trek is kind of like fishing in that everyone says they like it, everyone thinks they are an expert, but only a few truly are. “TREKKIE” is what the public at large calls a fan of the Star Trek. In fact, some fans do refer to themselves as Trekkies. However, there is another group of Star Trek fans who are offended by the term because of the following SNL skit:

Trekkies who idolized Shatner got their feelings hurt by his “Get A Life” skit, and consequently converted to to the term “Trekkers”.


There is another group of Trekkers who are purest of the original series (TOS).  This is the school of thought I subscribe to. “Trekker” are those who prefer the original Star Trek series (TOS), and “Trekkie” are those who prefer Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG).

As I described when discussing Skyfall, I prefer Captain Kirk of TOS to Captain Picard of TNG. Generally because while Picard is discussing his feelings with Counselor Troi, Kirk would be out on an away mission being cool and blowing shit up. Either that or he would be getting laid by a hot alien.

Also, TNG phasers looked like gay dust busters. I could never get past that.

Don’t make me have to vacuum the lint off you!


There is another sect of Star Trek fan called a “Niner”, because they are avid fans of the series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  If you come across one of these you should just bail on the date as soon as possible. That is all that needs to be said of this group.


The difference between Trekker vs Trekkie is hotly debated among nerds. I promise you would be shocked at how important this is to some people. I have given you enough information so that you at least understand there is a difference. Here is the bottom line: A “Trekkie” is a fair weather fan. A “Trekker” is a true fan who views himself as a better fan than the lowly Trekkie. Therefore, my advice is, when in doubt use the word “Trekker”. The odds of offending a Trekkie by the misnomer are long. However a Trekker might take offense to being called a Trekkie. And then he or she will have to tell you why, and you will have to act like you care, and it will just be awkward.

Tomorrow: How to Date a Trekker.

9 thoughts on “Trekker vs Trekkie

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  3. I’m a huge Star Trek fan and I love equally TOS, TNG and DS9. Voyager is sub par and Enterprise really sucked. Anyways, I call myself a Trekkie and I feel like people who make such a big distinction between Trekker and Trekkie really could be doing something better with their time. We’re all hear to LOVE Star Trek, and who cares if you Fred likes TOS, John likes TNG and Linda likes Enterprise. We can ALL still be friends and talk about Star Trek. lol

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  6. Being a long time Star Trek fan,(which has now been given the TOS designation, and I have to wonder why) old enough to have watched it when it first aired, not in reruns, I have always considered myself a “Trekkie”. As a matter of fact, I had never heard the term “Trekker” until TNG, so I believe you have the 2 terms reversed. By the way, I too enjoyed Enterprise. As with all of the Star Trek shows, it had some weak moments, but I think had it been allowed to continue we would have seen much better episodes and deeper character development. Again, being a Trekkie, I’m more insulted by the new “reboot” movies that seem to throw the Star Trek history out the window. In “Space Seed” Kirk meets Khan for the first time, but , no, wait, the new movie wants you to forget that, and believe Kirk and Khan had a long relationship.

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