How Many Pictures to Include in a Dating Profile?

question-du-jour-210506Here is my Question du Jour: How many pictures can one post on an online dating profile without coming across as a narcissist?

In my opinion the best profiles not only show what the person looks like, but also pictorially depict what the person’s life is like.  Too many pictures and you come across a self absorbed narcissist. Too few and the viewer’s confidence wains. What is the optimal range? 


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7 thoughts on “How Many Pictures to Include in a Dating Profile?

    • One!? — Noooo!! I automatically exclude women who have only one. Usually that means they are posting the best possible picture of themselves and it is frequently not an accurate representation of them. In other words, my confidence wains.

      A good profile should have the following: Face-pic, body-pic (g-rated, but something so you can see their physique), activity picture.

      For example, I saw a profile for a lawyer that says she likes to rock-climb. Therefore on her profile there should at least be one:

      1) Picture of her face (profile pic or avatar pic if you will…),
      2) One picture of her standing up.
      3) One picture of her rock climbing.

      Preferably the pics should be mixed of her dressed up and dressed down too.

      That is the minimum to me. I don’t know what the maximum is. Certainly more than one I think! But I am the rookie!

  1. I completely agree with smoothreentry, I think the ideal number is 4-5 and should include a variety of types of pictures. Both a face shot and a body shot are essential, but more pictures can give prospects a better idea of what that person actually looks like in natural settings. Check out other people’s profiles- you’ll find yourself learning a lot more about someone with 5 pictures than someone with 1 close-cropped picture!

    Note that pictures should be taken by other people in different contexts. 5 mirror shots will look narcissistic!

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