Introducing the Treasure Trove!

Announcing the Treasure Trove category!

The Treasure Trove will be a collection of interesting to read correspondence between anonymous lovers and/or perspective lovers.

If it is interesting, I will post it. A notable love letter? A psycho fight? A humorous misunderstanding? — All good candidates for Treasure Trove material.

Treasure Trove material can be communication in any form: letters, emails, tweets, texts, IMs, Skype calls….if you have it, I will be glad to consider posting it.


  • Confidentiality reigns supreme in the Treasure Trove. No identities will be revealed.
  • Unlike most of my posts, I will not participate in comments about this series of posts. I don’t want to do or say anything that might hint to sources.


This idea came about because, during my time in marriage purgatory, I have accumulated “just friends” who like to send stuff to me to get a guy’s perspective. (Well, that is one way I come by email exchanges, there are others.) Some of these conversations are noteworthy. I have struggled with how to share them because A) I do not want to incriminate anyone, and B) I have struggled with how to succinctly share the context of the emails in a time efficient way. Then it dawned on me: The emails might be more interesting by NOT knowing the full background. It is almost more fun and artistic to put the correspondence out there and let the readers speculate as to what the context might be.

I actually have been thinking about this for a while. Somewhere I have an old letter where a suitor wrote a letter to my grandmother telling her he would like to court her. It was creepy when I read it, but as I enter the world of dating and reflect on how much times have changed, I want to find that letter again. One day I will scan it and share it here on the Smooth ReEntry blog.

If you would like to submit material for consideration into Treasure Trove, email me at

Smooth needs your help! Click here to email confidential Treasure Trove entries to


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