What’s Going On with All The Siren Stuff?

On Star Trek TOS, the creature from planet m-113 cleverly disguised herself as McCoy’s woman in order to suck the life out of men.

When I think of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) women, I think of Sirens. That is what’s going on with all the siren stuff.

I was perusing this site called Gettinbetter.com. It is maintained by a lady named Shari Shreiber, M.A. –I’m not sure what the “M.A.” stands for, but the stuff she is writing about is absolutely true based on what I’ve observed. (She is long winded and repetitive though.) As I read her material I was thinking of analogies for the many different aspects of BPD women she writes about.

One thought that came to mind are the shape-shifters and changelings common in Sci-Fi movies. BPD sufferers don’t have a good sense of self. They are instinctively like chameleons…they want to be whatever you want them to be and morph accordingly. This is why changlings come to mind as an analogy…

…and I swear at some point in my life I have seen a Sci-Fi show (Star Trek? X-Files? Fringe? A cartoon?) where a shape-shifter died from having to change into multiple things at once. I know there is a dramatic death scene out there–I just wasn’t able to find it. If any of you know what I’m talking about, I would greatly appreciate the help, as I am feeling somewhat Alzheimerish at the moment and would be relieved to learn I’m not losing it.

Another analogy that comes to mind is a parasite. The BPD woman does not have a sense of self, so she has to latch on to someone else’s. Also, I know I have seen some sci-fi show where there is an alien that feeds off of other people’s emotions. In my head I remember an alien woman desperately pleading “Love me!?” as she is dying because she has to have other people’s positive emotions to live. Another great analogy. Once again, I can’t find a clip or remember specifics.

I also vaguely remember the X-Files having an episode with a Succubus. Yet another great analogy. Unfortunately, Google searching succubus only brings up all kinds of soft porn. Disturbing soft porn.

And in my final Big-A moment of the day…there is a beautiful poem about sirens, an old poem that is. The sirens sing to the sailors how they will give them rest, and they are so weary it is impossible for the sailors to resists. Once again, I specifically remember peace and rest being the promise the Sirens offer the sailors. But once again, I cannot find the poem. Again, if this rings a bell, my sanity will appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

It is a quintuple fail. I know materials from these analogies are out there in cyberland waiting to be found and linked, but I have had no luck finding them. My great BPD analogies and insights will have to wait for another day.

4 thoughts on “What’s Going On with All The Siren Stuff?

  1. My mother had BPD – love your analogies. I’m guessing you were/are married to one? Life is hell with a mother with BPD, you can’t just leave or drive away or break up. She died, and that’s the only thing that truly cures it.
    (btw – M.A. stands for Master of Arts…I know cause I gots me one)

    • Thanks for the comments!

      My wife does not have BPD. My wife is solid as an oak, and will hold solid or break trying. BPD women is more like prairie grass–changing direction with the slightest breeze.

      More than that, a smart BPD is almost like prairie grass disguised as an oak. On the outside she appears to confident and sure of herself. On the inside she is insecure and has no deeper conviction than being what others want her to be.

      I cannot imagine having a mother with BPD. I assume during your childhood that the public appearance for your Mom was how much she loved her children. But the hidden agenda was her longing and approval for acceptance which was somehow vicariously channeled through you and your activities? Just a guess.

      I had never even heard of BPD until recently.

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