The Sirens Lie

“The Siren” by John William Waterhouse (circa 1900)

The Sirens Lie

All alone it’s here that I lay,
Deep in the ocean I am tucked away,
Everyday I’m seen by humanity,
But even now you’re blind with vanity,

Even when I say you’re wrong,
You only listen to the sirens song,
Even when you know you’ll die,
You cannot stray from the sirens eye,

Just look down into the sea,
Hear my voice and yield my plea,
You must not fall for such insanity,
And do no hear that foul profanity,

Come below among the coral,
See the life that is so floral,
Dance to the sound of the ocean sand,
Let it change you as a man,

You were never meant to be,
And you were never really free,
You always felt you needed more,
And that’s because you lived ashore,

It was wrong to send you there,
To curse you with the breath of air,
For that my son I will always grieve,
But now it’s time for you to believe,

Come my child you home awaits,
For this has always been your fate,
Turn away from the sirens charm,
She can only do you harm,

Here I waited for your return,
All alone for you I’ve yearn,
Deep inside you always knew,
But now this choice is up to you.
Bradley Lomeli

Source: Poem Hunter

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