Relationship Matrix Intro (RM 1 of 4)

Ladies, if you have ever been frustrated by men and their fear of commitment, please read this series. Men, if you have a friend who complains to you about men and their fear of commitment, please read this series.

Do you ever have ideas that percolate in your head for the longest time? And then out of nowhere the strangest thing will act as a catalyst, and give you the clarity you need to sort it out in your head? If you are very lucky, you can sort it out enough to get a rough draft on paper. Well, my comrade at the Deliberately Delicious Blog has a post that did just that for me. She asks the question, “How many men is it okay to juggle at one time?“. [Note: Dear Red Pen Police, please tell me how to punctuate previous sentence.]

That question inspired me to write this four part series directed to the ladies out there, but not exclusive to women only. You see, while I have been trapped in marriage purgatory, I have made many female friends. In fact, this is the most time I have ever spent in the “just friends” space in my entire life. It has been strange, as a straight man, witnessing the dating process from a woman’s perspective. During this time I have noticed certain trends that are common amongst you ladies, particularly in the area of relationship strife. This series will be my attempt at arming you with some knowledge that allow you to take care of yourself as you navigate the perilous minefield known as the dating game.

The summary of this knowledge will be found in a relationship evaluation tool I am tentatively calling the Relationship Matrix (RM).  Basically I am running this idea up the blogosphere flag pole to see what happens. This is rough draft. Very rough. Jagged around the edges rough. But this is the blogosphere! As you might have noticed by my second-rate gammar, it is okay to post unedited rough drafts in the blogosphere. That is one of the things is for! Nothing would flatter me more than each blogger taking the RM idea I will present and improve it, refine it, make it more well honed and slick.

But I am also prepared, and will not be surprised, if the idea flies like a lead zeppelin. That will be okay, because I have witnessed these trends too many times to not believe in what I write. If it doesn’t take it is only my communication skills that are lacking, not the validity of what I am attempting to say.

The parts of the series will be:

  1. This Preview
  2. Types of Men
  3. Why you should juggle AT LEAST 3 men at a time.
  4. Putting it all together in the Relationship Matrix.

Please check back soon for the next post in the series where I list the types of men you ladies are dating.

One thought on “Relationship Matrix Intro (RM 1 of 4)

  1. Looking forward to your posts! I should give this some thought. I’ve certainly got plenty of material to work with 🙂

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