Best Bond Movies #2: The Spy Who Loved Me

The Lotus Esprit spy car is the best of all the Bond movies.

Released in 1977, this is perhaps the most suave of the Bond movies. Similar to From Russia With Love, in The Spy Who Loved Me James Bond does actual spy stuff and goes head-to-head against a hot Russian counterpart. The movie is full of cliches with the gadgets and one-liners, but it is more of a fun way than completely cheesy way. This movie is just the full package. The theme song, Carly Simon‘s Nobody Does it Better, fits the movie perfect. The opening sequence is the best of the bond films (remember, this is prior to MTV, so the playing of the opening credits was cool in and of itself.) The locations are exotic. Commander Bond gets to show off some of his Navy skills. You have to love Roger Moore’s quippy dialog and facial expressions. Last, but not least, this movie had the coolest Bond spy car.

Roger Moore was also rockin’ this hybrid safari jacket/sport coat that looked stylish. Came in handy when he snapped his tie out of the hands of a henchmen and made him fall to his death. I hate I can’t find a youtube of that.  Oh well, I still love this movie and will post a couple of scenes below.

Roger Moore pulled of the safari jacket/sports coat hybrid and made it look good.


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