Best Bond Movies #3: Casino Royale

Eva Green is one of the best Bond Girls ever.

Casino Royale is the James Bond reboot movie, and boy was was a reboot badly needed at the time. Released in 2006 it was about 10 years overdue. To put this movie into perspective, I cannot emphasize enough how terrible its predecessor was, Die Another Day. Die Another Day was a hokey joke. Of that movie Roger Moore remarked, “I thought it just went too far – and that’s from me, the first Bond in space! Invisible cars and dodgy CGI footage? Please!”

Please is right! Thank goodness Casino Royale rescued the the series. Here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia about the movie:

The film was described as taking James Bond “back to his roots”, similar to From Russia with Love,[82] where the focus was on character and plot rather than the high-tech gadgets and visual effects that were strongly criticised in Die Another Day.[80]Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie an aggregate rating of 95%…

Eva Green is one of the sexiest Bond girls ever, with the intelligent banter of the train scene being my favorite part of the movie.

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