Best Bond Movies #4: Dr. No

Again I emphasize that you have to take into account the era when you are grading these films. Released in 1962, Dr. No is the first Bond movie. Can you imagine how cool it would be to watch a Bond movie and having no preconceptions about it? Think about it–this movie came out before there were worn out cliches. You didn’t know Q was going to give him spy gadgets. You went into the movie unaware that he was going to meet two beautiful women, one an ally and one a villainess that he will seduce and turn good. You didn’t know he was going to be captured by the enemy and taken to his secret lair. You didn’t know the enemy would feel strangely compelled to confess he entire masterminded evil scheme to 007 in detail, before Bond cleverly escapes dying in an unusual way.

It had to be mind blowing seeing this film with no preconceptions about the James Bond formula!

It is exactly the kind of movie I love. The critics snubbed their noses at it, and the public loved it.

By far my favorite scene in the movie is when he plays solitaire as he calmly waits for the enemy to come assassinate him.  Suave. Poised. A Bad Motherfucker. This is why I love Bond.

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