Paula Broadwell. Worth It?

Anytime a scandalous affair breaks out, the Smooth ReEntry blog is going to post pictures. Why? Because the public wants to know.  I will call the recurring series “Worth It?”. It will actually fall under the “Men Are Pigs” category, but let’s not kid ourselves–women want to check it out too. But us men will be glad to take the blame for this being posted.

Today we are analyzing the David Patraeus / Paula Broadwell affair.

First, let’s look at the public figure in question, General David Petraeus.

A) Dude looks cut. B) Women are attracted to power, and he certainly had it. (The Ladder Theory strikes again!) So I get the appeal.

Now let’s look at Paula Broadwell.

Paula Broadwell

No comments necessary. Worth it. So worth it. General Patraeus never had a chance.

Oh, and according to Wikipedia, she holds the rank of Major. A MAJOR! Didn’t Jack Nicholson say, “There is nothing sexier on this earth than a woman you have to salute to in the morning.“? — I believe he did. I believe I am now beginning to understand what Mr. Nicholson was referring to.

That is pretty bad that the HEAD OF THE CIA can’t get away with an affair. Holy shit. Isn’t the CIA supposed to be competent in the area of subterfuge? How the hell did THE GUY get busted? Was he head of the CIA or ISIS? Maybe he should take remedial classes at the Archer Spy School….

General Petraeus, subterfuge skills aside, you should feel no shame. I understand the temptation. In fact, I am declaring it as WORTH IT. I might have gone “All In” myself (pun intended). General Petraeus, not only did you get to tap that, you also got to avoid being neck deep in the Benghazi, Libya mess. A win-win. A smart tactical decision General. Enjoy your retirement knowing it was worth it.

Note: Dear CIA people, please do not kill me or, frame me, or, even worse, have me audited by the IRS. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Paula Broadwell. Worth It?

    • Yea man, I couldn’t bring myself to post pictures of his wife or her family. Even us lowly anonymous hobby bloggers have some standards of decency–I guess we trump NBC News in the decency department. Yes, she was his biographer. Can you imagine being stuck in Afghanistan for months and months and then she comes and is your shadow? And the reason she is writing a biography on you is she already hero worships you? — The affair was booked the minute he agreed to let her write his biography.

      Get this, the name of the book is “All In”. Insert sexual pun here _____________.

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