They Had to Take it Too Far: someEEcards

Somebody always takes it too far. Somebody has to keep going after it isn’t funny anymore. Or, even worse, somebody gets all sappy and turns a good thing bad. It’s like that song you bought on iTunes–the one you loved. But you had to wear it out. You played it over and over and over again until you ODed on it.

I’ve developed an allergy to somEEcards. The first ones I saw were clever and entertaining. “Those of you who think you know everything are annoying those of us who actually dotype stuff.  It was a great way to freshen up some old humorous sayings. But then people had to wear it out. Quality started to drop.

Are there people on Facebook who are under the impression they are going to jail if they don’t  immediately share everything? I mean, maybe it is a good idea to filter out the crappy stuff and only share the good ones? I know, crazy idea…

Below is a random collection of somEEcards. Some are good, some are bad, and some are exclusively made for this post. Can you guess which ones were made for this post while I am in a brooding cynical frame of mind? I should also point out that this post was inspired by this blog’s STFU series. Cynical attitudes can be contagious. I need to be careful visiting that blog! I’m cynical enough without encouragement!

This person combined eeCards and politics. They must be going for an annoying award. STFU!

Get a room.

Congrats. You showed all your FB friends how wonderful your life is.

Okay, this one is pretty damn good. (I love my Crocs, and yes ladies, I can laugh at myself.)

Men have surrendered Pinterest to the women. Can we please not junk Facebook up too?

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