Shit Southern Women Say

My apologies if this video is old news. I just saw it for the first time. I’ve heard every one of these quotes. I’ve heard them many times including, “Can you believe that bitch didn’t write a thank you note“. Unfortunately, “You’re not getting another boat” is very familiar to me.

The redhead is hot.

Update: Click Here for Part 2. 

10 thoughts on “Shit Southern Women Say

  1. I lived in South Carolina for 8 years and can’t tell you how many times I heard all of these. I have to admit, I expected one of them to be in S. Carolina Gamecocks gear right after the Clemson fan clip.

  2. I’m European and the clip sounded very foreign to me, to say the least! That said, I was having a particularly awful morning and it made me roar with laughter, thank you. I’m also especially partial to comments about redheads being hot.

    • Ya, some women consider it demeaning. But it is great term of endearment. I too love it when waitresses call me honey. “Sugar” and “Shug” are good ones too. Darlin’ is still used as well. Delicious, you have to remember that New Orleans is different than the south. You have to take South Louisiana out of the equation when discussing the Southeast US—the accents are different and the culture is different. South Louisiana and South Florida are not traditional Land of Dixie. Don’t get me wrong…it’s cool. I’m just saying that it isn’t the same culture as the women in this video…

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