Shatner Texting

William Shatner is still around! This guy’s agent is a genius. I mean, Betty White has talent. William Shatner….not so much.

In honor of the newly released Shatoetry App, and courtesy of, I share with you the definition of Shatner Texting:

When someone sends several 1-3 word texts to complete a sentence, thought, phrase, or anything that would take a normal person one text to send. This behavior can cause the reciever of Shatner texts to have their phones freeze because of the abundance or texts coming at once. It can also cause aggravation and annoyance because the reciever cannot read the first text because the rest of the texts are strolling in. Not to be confused with spamming. Named after William Shatner’s speech patterns.

Example: Bob texting Mary [edited]
Bob: What are

Bob: you

Bob: doing later

Bob: this evening?

Bob: I was

Bob: thinking

Bob: maybe you

Bob: and

Mary: Stop Shatner texting me!

Bob: I

Bob: could see

Bob: a movie

Bob: at the

Bob: cinema

Mary:*throws phone*


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