I challenged this guy to write a review on OkCupid vs. Match.com. Wow, he delivered in 24 hours! I’m impressed! A very well thought out post.
And for the record, I’m sold on OkCupid now. That is going to be my reward for escaping purgatory, so I am going to wait 25 more days before I publish a profile.
Immodest blog title aside, this is a great post. Thank you author!

Become Awesome At Online Dating

I got a request to write up a Match vs OkCupid post, and that’s just exactly what I’m going to do.

In one corner, we have the hipster-cool OkCupid, (which is now owned by Match.com, although the founding team is still on board doing all the work.) Cupid started as SparksNotes, a note-taking service for college students, and then morphed into a personality test site, with built-in virality: you could post your test results, sort of like badges, on other websites, which inevitably drew more people into the site to take the tests.

OkCupid’s history is interesting because it basically started with everything you find on a dating website (tests, quizzes, personality profiles), minus the dating. Now it’s probably the premiere free dating site on the Internet, taking second place to Plenty of Fish in terms of raw traffic, but since I can’t bear to subject my eyes…

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