Easy for Her to Say!

I know that women enjoy sharing sappy, sentimental, inspirational things with each other on Facebook. The sentiment here is hard to critisize–all women are beautiful inside and never lower your standards. Who can argue with that?

I can. If you are an observer of life, you will find the humor in this. Let me share my analysis.

Point #1) EASY FOR HER TO SAY! Look at what she looks like!:

I mean, I don’t think this women is having to suffer through the awkward insecurities about her physical appearance as a typical woman does!

Point #2) These men below commenting on such sappy dialog is a clear man code violation. These men deserve to have their man cards revoked. It is transparent that these men are desperately trying to interact with this woman, and are willing to mortgage their dignity to do so.  Or maybe it is sad and we should take pity, because these guys are like the lonely dude in the corner of the strip club who puts up one twenty after another because that is all the attention he can get.

Point #3) Guys are intrigued by women who do guy things. This woman posted a picture of her fishing and BAM! — 1,000+ friends in 48 hours. Obviously it is because she is hot and men are pigs. But there is an extra element of attraction for women who do guy things, like in this case fish. I also submit Danica Patrick as evidence of this phenomenon.

Now that I think about it, this probably explains why I prefer women who jog over women who do aerobics. (I just had an aha moment!) Also, come to think of it, if I was a woman I would take up golf or fishing pronto!

Point #4) I can pretty much guarantee this woman is hamming it up on Facebook just to torture her ex husband. I can also pretty much guarantee it is working. I feel sorry for that guy. Well, mental torture comes with the territory when a man elects to go the high-maintenance Barbie doll route—his day of reckoning is here. I still pity him.
Point #5) She is even more impressive when you consider she is 49 years old. Those are same damn good genes. Or a damn good plastic surgeon. Whatever–the results are impressive.

Just thought I would share. I have hidden her name to keep her from getting hate mail from some feminist who feels it is her duty to explain to her she is perpetuating the objectification of women. Since I am one of her FB friends, I want her to keep perpetuating all she wants. 🙂 I am a pig too it seems.

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