VOTE! What kind of whiskers do you prefer?

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Here is the question of the night…

…okay seriously, can you please stop looking at the pictures long enough to read a couple of short sentences? I mean gosh…

Here is the scene: It is a Saturday night. Your date is coming to pick you up and take you to a nice, conservative, white tablecloth restaurant.
You are wearing a black dress. He is wearing a sport coat with no tie.

What kind of facial hair would you prefer he have? Please vote.

You may now continue goggling over the pictures. Try not to get drool on your shirt. I hope you have fresh batteries for the toys.

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2 thoughts on “VOTE! What kind of whiskers do you prefer?

  1. At MD’s office with 48 hrs whiskers growth. You would have to know me, and know how conservative I am, to understand how out of character it is for me to shower without shaving. So this is outside my comfort zone.

    Took pictures of myself. Looks like regular ole 5 o’clock shadow to me.

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