Marketing Works

Girl is selling some scotch.

Marketing works. All that subliminal stuff works. I am cognitively aware that Christina Hendricks knows nothing about scotch whiskey, and yet the next bottle I buy will not be Dewars, my stand-by trusted brand since forever. The next bottle I buy will be Johnnie Walker Black Label. I will change my routine all because of one picture I happened to see.

Although, this picture is an awesome picture. I am being manipulated and don’t even care. They are proving that I am a shallow pig of a man and don’t even care. I must buy Johnnie Walker Black now.

But hey, she looks damn good doesn’t she? Even straight women without a bicurious bone in their body have to appreciate the scene. I didn’t even know who Christina Hendricks was until I started writing this post. I did a Google search to find the name. She is not a thin Barbie Doll either…I would like to see more models like her get more exposure.


Believe it or not some thought provoking content will appear on this blog soon. Hang with me, I am still getting this blog thing cranked up.

7 thoughts on “Marketing Works

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