My First Post

God I can be such an impulsive bastard. This morning I had the talkies, but was in a negative cynical mood. It occurred to me that if I kept lonleybooking while I was in such a negative state of mind that I would alienate the few friends I have left.

My solution? Create a blog so that I alienate strangers instead of my friends. Better yet, do it anonymously so that I can share what I am really thinking.

Viola! Thanks to and 2 cups of coffee, I’ve got myself a blog. Now I can vent all I want without alienating my friends.  If you want to know about me, you can read about me here.

Ground rules:

  • One post a day maximum. No more.
  • 750 words max per post.
  • I will try not to take comments personally.
  • At least 25% of the posts need to discuss men quirks, as I want to be fair and not unduly pick on the weaker and mentally unstable sex only. (please laugh)
  • Call it as I see it.
  • Moderate comments fairly.
  • I am going to try to remember I am doing this for mental floss/therapy reasons. Not to gain hits or stats.

All this assumes someone is actually going to read this blog. Ha!


11/03/2012 Update

I am going to amend my ground rules to allow myself to post quick thoughts, aka quickies. So one real post per day, and one quick one. I have to give myself a limit or I will spend time goofing around on my blog instead of doing the things I am supposed to do!



I am amending my rules again to try impose some self restraint on the amount of time I blog. Rules:

  • 1 post per weekday day.
  • 500 words target.
  • Posts over 750 words count as two days.
  • Posts over 1250 words count as three days, and so forth.

This is my test to see of shorter is better, to focus on quality instead of quantity, and to limit the amount of time I am spending obsessively blogging!


4 thoughts on “My First Post

  1. Too funny, so that’s how you men think?

    I started with the same plan this afternoon but decided to post as many times as possible until I got all the stuff out I wanted to tell my gfs but they were tired of hearing.

    Sometimes I wish I was from MARS, you guys are so simple and to the point 🙂

    Thanks for the post!

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